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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Research into Possible Song Titles...

Before we begin to come up with song titles to put onto our own CD Digipaks, it is essential for us to carry out some research into existing song titles and album names, etc.

Here are the song titles on the back of previous Kings Of Leon albums;

There are some obvious trends occuring in the song titles. For example, most of them are just one or two words. This is probably because of how the band are branded as a mysterious group of men that don't give away too much about who they are in their personal life. In this way they are conforming to that band branding by not giving too much away in their song titles.

However, it is also important to look at other song titles from different musicians and it is interesting to compare and contrast song titles from this genre (alternative rock - Kings of Leon) and other genres such as this Ke$ha album which is part of the Pop genre;

It is also interesting to note the difference between not only the song titles but the album artwork itself. The Kings Of Leon album covers do not contain obvious photos of themselves ad if there is a photo of them it is slightly obscured in some way whether that's because of shadows or animal overlays, etc. (again adding to the mysterious quality of their band branding). Whereas Ke$ha's album cover is obviously about promoting her as the star and selling her as this "Animal" with the glitter and animal prints on the cover.
This research will be very helpful for us when coming up with song titles for our CD Digipaks.