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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

CD Digipaks...

As part of our coursework project we have to produce digipaks to go alongside our promotional music video and they must be produced as individual digipaks rather than as a group. It will be interesting to see how different each of our digipaks are even though we are creating them for the same band brand/song/etc.
However, before we do this part of our coursework, it is very important for us to carry out a significant amount of research into what digipaks actually are, the features of a digipak, the dimensions, etc. Here is all the information on digipaks that I managed to find...

Digipak is a patented style of compact disc or DVD packaging, and is a registered trademark of AGI Media, a MeadWestvaco, Inc.

Dimensions - (based on standard 4pp Digipack) 139.5mm x 6mm x 125.5mm
Digipaks typically consist of a book-style paperboard or card outer binding, with one or more plastic trays capable of holding a CD or DVD attached to the inside.

As a consumer, I personally have not seen or bought very many digipaks that contain CDs. However, I have seen and bought so many more DVD digipaks, especially stand up comedy DVDs or TV series on DVD such as this Mighty Boosh digipak that I bought which also came with a booklet and a card game;

Digipak-style packaging is often used for CD singles or special editions of CD albums. Because such packaging is less resistant to abrasion than jewel cases, it tends to show signs of wear relatively quickly.

Although less vulnerable to cracking than a jewel case, the disc tray inside the package (particularly the "teeth" of the hub which secure the disc in place) remains rather brittle and is prone to cracking if the package is crushed. Digipak-style cases grew in popularity among record labels and recording artists in the early 2000s.

Although the Digipak may have taken off in the early 2000s, there does not seem to be many being sold at present because they only seem to be produced for special editions of albums as said above.

Manufacturers have sought to reduce environmental impact and improve functionality by introducing recycled components into its trays; one has announced a 100% post-consumer PET tray made from recycled bottles,[6] which also eliminates the need for the brittle "teeth". Many printers use recycled or sustainable material for the board stock.

The fact that the manufacturers have tried to reduce the environmental impact by using recycled components suggests that the consumers (people that buy the Digipaks) are very much into preserving their environment, which tells the musicians something about their fanbase.
Here is one example of a typical digipak;

Here is a video I found of all the different types of Digipak that can be made;