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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I was watching Kerrang! TV earlier on today and a music video that I have not seen for a long time came on and it gave me an interesting idea for something else we could add into our music video.

In this Blink 182 video for the song 'Always' the whole video is split into three separate strips of screen horizontally. By splitting the screen this way, they were able to take similar shots but position them next to each other so that they don't quite match. They could also use different body parts of different people in each strip to make them look mis-matched.

There are many examples of this technique in other genres of music and in TV. For example, the opening sequence of hit American TV show 'Ugly Betty';

And this technique can also be seen in the video for Example's song 'Kickstarts';

I think this technique would work so well in our music video as we could play on the idea that our main character steals the vocalist's guitar to coinside with the lyrics even further ('She stole my karma, oh no') by editing three different shots together onto one screen so that it looks like her head and legs with his body holding/playing the guitar.
I think we should think of more interesting ideas like this in order to make our music video exciting and intriguing to watch.