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Final CD Digipak

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Monday, 25 October 2010

Group Meeting: Developing and Enhancing Our Initial Ideas...

Before starting to draw out our storyboard ready for when we start filming, we wanted to develop our initial ideas further so that we had a more specific concept, rather than just starting to film aimlessly.

Here is a photograph of our mind map that we came up with which contains all of our newest ideas. These involve lots more specific camera shots of the girl who is obsessed with the band. This idea of obsession could possibly be our theme as we think a theme would really help us to focus our plans.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Storyboarding a Pre-existing Music Video...

As part of our preparation for the production of our own music video, we thought it was important to practice storyboarding an existing music video of the same genre in order to remind and refresh ourselves in the methods of the storyboard technique and to also gain further understanding of trends in that particular genre.

We chose to storyboard another Kings Of Leon song called 'On Call';

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Group Meeting: Possible Band Names...

During our last group meeting we discussed the name that we would call our band as part of our band branding that we discussed previously and we decided to look at the different types of Alternative Rock band names that already exist. So we tried a few different variations on the existing name Kings Of Leon such as 'The Kings', 'American Kings', etc. We also tried to come up with words related to our branding, such as 'rock' and 'charmer' etc. and then matched them up with other strange words as this seems to be a fashion in alternative rock bands at the moment.
At the end of the meeting the two most popular names that we came up with were 'The Kings' and 'American Kings'.

Group Meeting: Treatment/Pitch Audience Feedback...

After we had carried out our treatment presentation to the class, we got them all to write down what they thought of our ideas for our music video etc. and this is what they came up with.

Treatment/Pitch Video...

As part of our treatment we carried out a presentation to the rest of our class in order to express our ideas, etc. We also printed out our more detailed treatment document (which I posted in a previous blog and handed out to our audience. We also filmed our treatment presentation so that we could put it onto our blogs;

Group Meeting: Band Brand...

We had another group meeting on Friday concerning the brand we want to create surrounding our band. It is important that we come up with a brand for our band by thinking about how we want our band to be portrayed to it's audience. For example, fashion, musical influences, etc. Here is a wordle that our group came up with full of words that we think represent our band. We will also be creating a wordle full of possible names for our band.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Our Treatment Presentation...

We also produced this Powerpoint presentation for our pitch to have shown on the smartboard in order to have additional photos of our visual inspiration whilst the audience also had the chance to read through our more detailed treatment document. This also gave us the chance to play the audience some pre-existing music videos that inspired us in our own concepts/ideas for our music video.
Kings Of Leon - Charmer Treatment

Our Treatment Document...

As part of the production process of our music video for Kings Of Leon's 'Charmer', we thought it would be interesting to produce a treatment and present it to an audience in order to gain some feedback on our initial ideas for the music video.

This is the document that we handed out to our audience which contains detailed explainations of our concept and pictures that reflect our ideas. The purpose of this document was to ensure that the audience understood and got a firm grasp of our concept and reason why we chose this concept.

Kings of Leon Treatment