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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Video Ending...

So after watching the latest edit of our music video, we realised that it was essential for us to fill in the last ten second gap with something quite bold and dramatic in order to create a climax of all the built up tension from earlier clips.

We got lots of people to watch our video and tell us what they thought the ending should be and what their interpretation of the couple's relationship was.

This is the edit we showed everyone (without an ending);

Everyone seemed to have different readings of the relationship between the two characters in our video; some thought they had simply been in a relationship that went wrong, others thought she was an obsessive ex girlfriend and one person thought they had been in a relationship but the girl could not handle being pushed away by the boy's music career.

Someone suggested filming some shots of her and him stood in a spotlight and flicking between the two, until it is just her in the spotlight at the end and the spotlight flickers off. I liked this idea but it still was not dramatic enough for our ending.

We started to watch some existing music videos that we liked and eventually came across an idea that we really liked that did not involve too much narrative concept that would turn our music video into more of a film. We came across this video for Marina and the Diamonds 'I am not a robot';

Someone had already suggested painting some of the lyrics onto the girl in our video and this Marina and the Diamonds video helped us to decide how to carry out this idea. We painted "Always looking at me" onto Charlotte's shoulders and filmed each word appearing and then filmed her frantically rubbing the words off.

Here is the first draft of the new ending with the words painted onto Charlotte. This is simplt our first attempt at editing these shots together and we will probably end up changing it slightly.