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Final CD Digipak

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Final Album Advertisement

Thursday, 10 February 2011

This website is what I used to find the perfect font for my CD Digipak design.

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I spent a long time searching through the hundreds of different fonts on the website and eventually narrowed it down to five different fonts. I then tried them out on the front cover of my CD Digipak to see which one looked the most effective;

I liked the hand-written effect of this font but there is something slightly too gothic about it that makes it wrong for our particular genre of music.

I also liked this font because of it's interesting angles but it is too narrow and plain for it to work on this particular CD Digipak design.

Again this font is too small and plain to have the desired effect on this CD Digipak design.

Although I thought this font was very interesting, again it is slightly too gothic and dark, which is suggestive of a different genre that I am not trying to represent with my CD Digipak.

And finally, after searching through hundreds of fonts I found this one which works perfectly for the look I was hoping for on my CD Digipak. It is bold without being too edgy which reflects the musical genre we are trying to represent in the production of our music video.

This is the font I have decided to use for my CD Digipak design, so I downloaded it from and saved it onto my CD Digipak front cover. Now I just need to add the song titles to the back cover, etc.

Here is the final front cover (as you can see we decided to stick with our simple theme and leave the album as a self-titled album - again the band name we chose, The Mags, ties in with our music video, as we have torn up pieces of magazines in lots of our shots as intertextuality);