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Final CD Digipak

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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


We've just been editing our music video on the new iMacs that we have in our Media Studies room and here is what we have done so far on iMovie! Once we are happy with what we have done on iMovie we will eventually move it all over to the iMac that has Final Cut Pro on it in order to make the final touches on the video.

Today I have spent quite a while trying to fit the stop motion parts that we had edited previously into the blank spaces we had in our music video and as a group we edited the stop motion of the Soundboard and Charlotte and Sarah continued to edit the build up of the song with the flashing black transitions towards the end of the song, just like in this existing music video by The Wombats for their song Let's Dance To Joy Division;

Here is a still shot from The Wombats' video and the similar one in our own video that we created;
(although it's hard to see on a print screen of the videos but the shots gradually get darker until it looks as though they are flashing black)

We thought this technique would be perfect for the build up of the song in our music video as it is a simple way to gradually build up the momentum and pace of the video after taking it right down for the bridge, etc.
Here is the latest draft of our music video with black screens where we need to fill in with new footage;

I am really pleased with what we have done so far but obviously there is still a bit more footage that we need to slot into the blank spaces in our music video, but so far I am really pleased with how it has all worked out.
I've found that as a group we have had more differences in creative opinion with this year's work than we ever did in our AS foundation portfolio work; but I think this just shows how developed our skills have become, as we are all striving to produce the best possible music video. Even though we sometimes disagree on some aspects of the editing, etc. it has been a good thing because we have had a chance to really think through every single thing we do in our production of the music video.