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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Trip To RichMix (Afternoon Session)...

Over our lunch break, Pete Fraser set each school/college the task of coming up with a pitch for a music video concept for the song 'God & Satan' by Biffy Clyro and then after lunch we had to come back together and choose a spokesperson for our school to present our idea to two industry professionals called Corin Hardy and Liz Kessler.

Before we presented our pitch to them, Liz Kessler, who works in the industry commissioning and producing music videos, spoke to us about what it is like to work in the industry with artists and musicians in order to produce a successful music video that pleases the record label, the artist and the target audience.

She told stories about different music videos that she had worked on and then showed them to us afterwards and discussed the problems and solutions that occur when producing a music video. She also gave us an insight into how the process of producing a music video works. First, someone commissions a director/production company to work with the record label to come up with a concept for the music video and then eventually it is produced with the director's influence, and the band/artist rarely has any input into the idea of the video, unless they are extremely high profile and hold more power than their record label.

Here are some examples of music videos she showed us that she has been a part of;

Paolo Nutini - Pencil Full Of Lead

Corin Hardy directed this video with Liz Kessler and she said this is a good example of a video where the director had to come up with an idea that had the artist in the video without them actually physically being there.

Another example of this is the video for Wiley 'Money In My Pocket' where the director had to think quickly after a last minute change to the artists plans!

>>click here to see the Wiley - Money In My Pocket' Video<<

click here for >>Lissie - Everywhere I Go<<

This video for Lissie 'Everywhere I Go' was particularly interesting to hear about in terms of finances, as they had to import, film and send back an Elephant and the whole video eventually cost around £28,000!

Will Young - Changes

It then came to the time to present our pitch to Liz Kessler and Corin Hardy. Charlotte Boag (from our group) and Dominique Shiells-Edwards from another group in our media class presented our pitch to them and we filmed it on our Flip Cameras that we took with us to document the day;

(We have also edited all of our footage from the trip into a short film that documents our day which I will put in my next blog post)

After everyone pitched their ideas, the Liz Kessler and Corin Hardy gave us some interesting feedback from their perspective which was very helpful because it made us think about how we would actually make our ideas work in reality with all the problems that could occur.

After that, we had a question and answer session with Corin Hardy and he explained all of the music videos he has directed and then showed them to us. It was really nice to hear all the inside stories about the different musicians and how any problems were solved, for example, when Simon Neill the lead singer of Biffy Clyro lost his wedding ring in the bottom of the river that they were filming in, they had to send people in to search for it and eventually they found it and 4am when they finished filming!

I really enjoyed hearing about Corin Hardy's rise to success due to his passion for film making that started from a young age. I think he is an inspiration and hearing him talk about his career made me want to pursue my passions with a similar enthusiasm.

Here are the examples of the music videos that he has directed that he showed us...

Biffy Clyro - God and Satan

Keane - Bedshaped

>> click here for The Prodigy - Warrior's Dance <<

and my personal favourite of his...The Horrors - She Is A New Thing

His story of how this video was eventually made was very interesting as he and an illustrator friend spent three weeks drawing every single frame over the camera shots (which they only had 2 hours to film with the actual band because they turned up and hour late and weren't very enthusiastic about doing the video) and then hanging each image up to dry.

He didn't show this one in the presentation but I found it on his website and loved it;

I love the suprise element at the end of this video and I like the story behind it that they had a low budget and had to film under pressure.

Here is a link to Corin Hardy's website >>click here<<

After watching all of these videos it was the end of the presentation and we got the train back home. It was an extremely beneficial day for us as it gave us a lot of inspiration for our own music video and we hope to use all the knowledge we gained to perfect our work.