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Friday, 24 September 2010

Change of plan...

So after initially deciding to choose a ska (Toots and The Maytals) song, we thought we should do further research into other possible genres/songs before making any final decisions so we managed to narrow it down to these three songs...

1. Toots and The Maytals - 54-46 Was My Number

Pros - Lively beat/tempo, good opportunities for interesting editing (stops in the music)
Cons - Reggae genre is more difficult for us to create a believable setting for.

2. The Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash

Pros - The song is quite upbeat and has lyrics that we could easily create a believable narrative to.
Cons - Everyone knows this song and there is a small likelihood that we would produce a video that wouldn't irritate existing fans of the song/band.

3. Kings Of Leon - Charmer

Pros - Lyrics can very easily be used to our advantage for the narrative ("she's always looking at me"), good bass line, interesting vocals which gives us potential for interesting editing and the current video isn't anything spectacular. This song has not really made it mainstream so not as many people will know it, etc.
Cons - The beat is fairly repetitive (apart from the bridge/breakdown, etc.)

After this meeting discussing our three final choices and the pros and cons of them, it seems as though the best choice would be Charmer by Kings Of Leon. We all love the song and it had the most pros of the three!